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DocuTech's desktop closing document software and compliance service provides 24/7 access for your closing needs without the having to connect to or login on to our servers. Plus, our Data Integrity Test runs from your desktop proving that the technology behind DT Classic truly is superior to other options available. It's XML programming and MISMO approved SMART docs are further indications of our commitment to improving your closing operation. Interfaces to all the major LOS's supply much of the data needed and help simplify the process allowing you to verify the data and print the desired closings package in record time.

And customer service? It's second to none. Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, DT's people are simply first class and are more than willing and able to do whatever it takes to help you get the job done right. Whether it's software training, simple and accurate set up for your specific states, lenders and loan programs or just routine compliance questions you'll enjoy the attitude and efficiency of the staff and you'll see first hand why DT customers are so fiercely loyal. Our company slogan, "Technology with Integrity" really says it all since one without the other is not helpful .

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